Dorade, also referred to as Dorade Royale, Sea Bream, Guilt Head Bream and Sparus Aurata, is a small fish from the Mediterranean Sea that offers tender, mouthwatering white meat. Dorade can be found on Roman Mosaics such as those found in Pompeii, the ancient city that was destroyed in the year of 79 by a volcano. When roasted with spices and herbs such as thyme, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper with olive oil and fresh lemon, dorade becomes a succulent dish full of flavor with a crisp skin. The meat will melt on your tongue with its sweet and juicy flavor.


Fried calamari is a popular Mediterranean seafood dish enjoyed around the world. It originated by the romans. Fried calamari also referred to as calamari or fried squid is batter coated slices of squid meat that is deep fried less than two minutes. If fried for longer, the squid will be overcooked and will become tough. Typically, calamari is served plain with salt, pepper and lemon wedges on the side. Calamari can also be garnished with parsley, sprinkled with parmesan cheese or served with a side dip such as tarator, aioli, ketsup, marinara sauce, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce or tobacco/habanero sauce.


Crayfish, also referred to as spiny rock lobster, is a popular and well desired of all the sea foods available. It is favored in South Africa along the coastline. Crayfish resemble lobsters, but they have long, thick antennae and do not have large front claws. Crayfish weigh between 1.4 and 2 pounds each and are well known for their meaty tails. Crayfish are typically grilled but can also be roasted or steamed. They are typically served with melted butter. The meat of crayfish is sweet and dense.


Barracuda is typically found as the catch of the day on menus in the Mediterranean and Africa. It is caught in the deep sea by private fishermen and sold to local restaurants along the coast. Barracuda is a large flake, juicy fish and is served most often as steaks or fillets. Barracuda is also smoked and used in soups and sauces. It is considered to be one of the best fish to eat.


Fish and chips have long been referred to as the comfort food of the sea. Typically referred to as a staple food among the British, fish and chip originated from Portugal and Spain and was introduced by refugees from each country. It is relativity inexpensive and available almost anywhere. Fish and chips consists of a white flake fish that is battered and deep fried and served with a side of fried potatoes such as fries. It is typically served with a side of tartar sauce. The old fashion method of fish in chips is served wrapped in paper and sprinkled with salt, Worcester sauce and vinegar.

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