When traveling or being abroad, there is always the dilemma of what to eat and what to drink. Trying the local goods or choosing for something safer that you already know from back home? When people are away from home they might be trying the local dishes and experiencing new things when it comes to food. Of course, this is not always the case, some people prefer to stay with what they know and choose for the well-known fast food that can be found all over the world.

Wine TastingHowever, if you are away from home, why not go with the local options? One of the best things about traveling is getting out of your comfort zone and probably one of the best ways to do is, is through food. Food is directly tied to local habits, local products and the way people live their lives. Also, think about it, what would be better prepared and be tastier? Something they are used to cook and is their local speciality or some foreign recipe? Probably the first, right?

By choosing local foods, you will discover new foods you have never tried before. There are so many dishes and tastes you would never try if you always go with the safe, known choices. Furthermore, a region´s food tells you a lot about the region´s culture so it will make your traveling experience much more interesting. And, think about the ideas for dishes and flavors you can bring back home and spice up your own cooking skills with?

But what about the local wines? Why do a lot of people try the local foods when away from home, but are much less likely to try the local wines or other local drinks? Somehow, with wine it´s even more attractive it seems to choose the well-known wine names instead of trying a local speciality. But if you are going local anyway for your meal, you should pair it with a local wine as well to make the combination even better. No matter how well-known, pairing local food with local wine probably wins most of the time. First of all, they are basically a good combination because they are both local, meaning there is a reason they have been produced the way they are produced. They are probably a good combination by nature! Second, if a region´s food tells you a lot about the region´s culture, so does a region´s wine. So, try to upgrade your experience a bit by adding a local wine to your meal. For example, Portuguese typical fish specialities taste best with their local “vinho verde” (literally green wine), a young wine that is usually consumed very soon after bottling.

Gruner Veltliner / Local WineAn Austrian wiener schnitzel will pair perfectly well with the local “Grüner Veltliner” wine. The typical Argentinian “asados” of meat will be extra tasty with a good, strong-bodied Argentinian red wine. The Turkish grilled egg plant dishes taste amazing with their local Umurbey white or Melen rosé.  Third, usually, the local wines are much cheaper than imported ones. This is logical since they are locally produced so also for your wallet going local is a winner. And finally, by taking a local wine you are also supporting the local farmers and small business owners which can be a great boost for the local economy.

In summary, choosing a local wine with your local meal is a winning choice, and although it might be cheaper and good for the local economy, the main reason for us is that it´s usually the best combination, making your meal even more delicious!

Image: Flickr

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