For those who have tried, the Turkish cuisine is quite a curious and interesting one. It isn´t easy to determine, what it is exactly that makes it so special but there is something that makes it different from the rest. The variety of dishes, the way they all come together in festive meals and the traditional ways of cooking that are considered a real craft make for a unique combination. Unlike with, for example, the Italian kitchen, it´s difficult to distinguish a basic element or a single dominant feature such as pizza or pasta. However, familiar patterns of this rich and diverse style of cooking are always present, whether you are eating in a fancy restaurant or at a humble family dinner.

It is said that the Turkish cuisine is the result of a combination of some key elements. First of all, a nurturing environment. Turkey is well-known for a great diversity of food due to its rich flora, fauna and regional differentiation. In fact, the Turkish cuisine is a little different in every corner of the country. It is very typical to find specific ingredients and cooking styles to be kept in their homeland, for example, ingredients grown and consumed in the region without ever being used in other regions. Therefore, Turkish food is a little different across the country and regional definitions overlapping is very common.

Furthermore, the legacy of the Imperial Kitchen should not be overlooked. Hundreds of cooks, all more than eager to cook the most delicious dishes for the Royals, specialized in different types of Turkish dishes, which definitely has left a stamp on perfecting the Turkish cuisine. The different cooks for the palace kitchen have, over hundreds of years, developed the Turkish kitchen through the perfection of the dishes, differentiation and the combination of meals into what we know today in modern Turkey.

What makes the Turkish cuisine unique, is that all its history and distinctive characteristics have resulted in a large variety of traditional dishes, that can all be prepared in regionally distinct ways and combined with other dishes thereby creating a huge number of meals. It has led to a cuisine that is open to improvisation through the elaboration of all these regional varieties. And on top of that, the Turkish cuisine is also a very important aspect of the culture. It is part of the rituals of everyday life.

Everybody who visits Turkey and makes dinner plans that don´t just involve the typical touristy places next to the beach or the international fast food chains will know how unique the Turkish cuisine is.  The regional ingredients and the large variety of dishes and combination of dishes make it such a delicious and original cuisine to enjoy whether it´s while eating out during holidays or at someone´s home when visiting family or friends.

If you have ever eaten Turkish food, what do you think it is that makes it different from the rest and so special? We would love to read about your experience in the comments!

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