Turkish coffee is the traditional Turkish beverage for after meals or for having a calm moment during the day. Turkish coffee you drink sip by sip and therefore it is not the quick of coffee that you might be used to, Turkish coffee is meant to be enjoyed slowly. There are a few things that make preparing Turkish coffee different than making other types of coffee. The most important differences are the grind of the beans, the pot used to brew the coffee and that foam that has to be created during the brewing process. Also, with Turkish coffee you usually think on a cup by cup basis instead of making a big pot for everyone to enjoy together. Turkish coffee is meant to be prepared according to each drinker’s preferences with, for example, sugar to taste.

Here are 5 tips for preparing Turkish coffee:

  1. Use a special Turkish grinder
    The coffee beans need to be ground to a very fine powder. You can actually use any kind of coffee as long as it is medium roast. If you want to grind the coffee yourself, it’s important to use a special Turkish grinder because the normal electric grinders won’t achieve the result that you need. If you don’t have or don’t want to buy a Turkish grinder, you can either get your coffee ground at a grocery store (most grinders in grocery stores in the U.S. actually have a Turkish coffee setting) or buy it ready made at a Turkish grocery store or online.
  2. Don’t stir when you add the coffee
    When you have measured the amount of cold water that you need and your pot is on the stove. You might feel the urge to stir when you have added the coffee to the water but it’s important to not do this! You need to let the coffee float on the surface for it to achieve the desired effect. Even after adding the sugar to taste, don’t stir yet. Only when the coffee starts to sink into the water and the sugar starts to dissolve in the hot water. After turning the heat down, stir until the coffee starts to be foamy.
  3. Never let it boil
    With Turkish coffee, it is important to stay close and watch it carefully because you will never want the brew to boil. The coffee needs to build a thick foam and when it boils this will not happen. Therefore, make sure that it never boils and try to keep the brew at this point where it is foaming.
  4. The coffee needs to be fresh
    In order to achieve this foamy brew, you will need fresh coffee. If the coffee is not fresh, it won’t foam as well which is key for achieving the perfect Turkish coffee. Therefore, always make sure you have freshly ground coffee when you are going to make a good Turkish brew.
  5. Drink water before drinking coffee
    According to Turkish tradition, Turkish coffee is always served with water. The idea is that you drink the water before drinking the coffee. By doing so, you cleanse your taste pallet and thereby the taste of the Turkish coffee is much better.

That’s it, enjoy your Turkish coffee!

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